THAT MOMENT!!!!!!  THAT moment!; when you’re proud of yourself for helping someone, but you’re beyond sad, because you Wish you could do MORE!!!! 

I really, REALLY,… I mean you Don’t even understand just how much I appreciate your gratitude;… I have dreams… where I wish I could do more to help you, more to help my other friends, more to help my Other family!… but I can’t!!! 😦  I’m just Not there yet!!!!!! 

Yes, I appreciate you saying ‘thank you’ & Lord knows I appreciate YOU… but the Core of me says ‘I’m NOT good enough and I Never will be!… I can’t (no matter how much I try) turn it of. I will CONTINUE to try to assist you. I Will CONTINUE to try to help you… In the meantime… I will CONTINUE to accept other’s help with my own deficiencies!… 

We are HUMANS!!!!!!!!!!!! 

We were NOT put on this earth to survive alone!!!!!!!!

I NEED you!!!! 

I hope that you’ll admit that you need me too!.. 

If you don’t. That’s ok… my fellow human. 

If a person helps another, strictly for recognition, then their heart surely wasn’t in it!!! 

I helped You because I am human!!!

You helped ME because you Are Human!!!

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