Teach your children RESPECT!!!

Parents… I know that everyone thinks their children are the cutest, prettiest, most handsome, most beautiful human beings on this earth! And they are!

To you!!!

Now don’t get me wrong. This is not a child or parent bashing story.

This is a… I KNOW your children are The Best… but PLEASE don’t let that stop you from teaching your children Respect for other human beings, for animals, for people’s property, for you… for Themselves!!!

I see all too often parents who are either so disrespectful themselves, towards everyone in their path. Or parents who feel like their children ‘are just being children’ so they don’t correct their wrongs.

Not correcting a child when they are wrong or disrespectful is not doing that child any justice! They are going to grow up treating any and every one horribly, just because they feel like it. Your children are not going to know that their bad behavior has consequences. They are not going to learn the human reaction of empathy after they’ve hurt or disrespected someone. Your child/future adult, cannot possibly empathize with someone who they’ve wronged; if they feel they can do no wrong.

This lack of consequences and accountability will negatively affect their future relationships, both personal and professional.

So please parents… Teach your children respect!!!!!

It is NOT cute for your small child to hit, curse, bite, throw tantrums when things don’t go their way, & destroy items (it’s Never too early for a parent to start saying.. “NO”).

It is NOT cute for your children at any age to play in your neighbor’s yard without their permission or to ‘borrow’ someone else’s items without permission.

It is NOT cute for your children to run through stores knocking items off the shelves or creating a disturbance.


Teaching your child to have respect for themselves will help them to naturally have respect for others.

With self-respect the old saying comes into play… ‘Treat people how you want to be treated!!!’

Happy-Respect-Filled-Parenting Everyone!   🙂



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